Miley Cyrus Spotted with Mystery Man

Only a couple of days after Liam denied being engaged to famous singer Miley Cyrus, now it seems that Miley was spotted with a mystery man. The fact that Miley was seen with another man is quite curious, as this actually comes days after the singer and Liam were spotted out on their first public appearance since they rekindled their romance. 

So Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been a couple for years before they decided to put an end to their romance, back in 2012. Recently this year, rumors emerged indicating that the two have decided to get back together and they were willing to continue things from where they left off. However, Liam denied being engaged to Miley during a statement he gave to Australian media this week. 

Miley seems to have not been very much affected by these comments, as Entertainment Tonight claimed that the singer was seen driving through Malibu with a male friend. Then, Miley enjoyed a ladies’ lunch, but the curious thing is that the star was seen in the company of Elsa Pataky, who actually is Liam’s sister in law. 

Of course, things are quite uncertain when it comes to this romance, as besides saying that he is not engaged, Liam revealed nothing else. Several reports have talked about this relationship and some claimed that Miley was actually forcing Liam to marry her, but the actor was not happy at all with Miley’s old habits. Furthermore, some insiders claimed that Liam had actually warned Miley that he will end the relationship if she is not ready to give up her addiction. 

Another report, by In Touch Weekly, claimed that Miley was very concerned that Liam was going to “dump her at the altar.” A source talking to the celebrity magazine indicated that Liam was thinking about leaving the singer, because of the big influence his family has over him. 

However, despite all rumors, it seems that Miley continues to be seen with the Hemsworth family and she keeps on wearing the engagement ring she received from Liam when the two first announced their engagement, years back.

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