Miley Cyrus Sick Again

Even though earlier this week Miley Cyrus claimed that she is feeling much better and she will return on the stage, it seems that the famous singer is sick again. 

Miley Cyrus actually announced that she will have to postpone two of her European tour concerts, as her symptoms have returned and she needs to undergo treatment once again. In fact, doctors have advised Miley to not travel until she is feeling well. 

So, the health issues of the famous singer have determined Miley to postpone two more concerts from her European tour. Miley left hospital last Thursday and the star claimed that she is doing perfectly well now. However, it seems that the star is not really that healthy. She spent a week in hospital after a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. 

Miley needs to recover from her illness before going back on tour, so fans need to understand that the main priority for the star is feeling better. An official statement from reps of Miley indicated that she won’t be able to travel until she fully recovers. 

“Cyrus is continuing to recover from the severe allergic reaction she suffered on April 15,” the statement said. “After a period of improvement, Cyrus’ symptoms have returned and Doctor’s will not permit her to travel. This type of extreme reaction can last up to 27 days and Cyrus must remain under Doctor’s care at this time,” the same statement added. 

It seems that Miley Cyrus was extremely upset with the fact that doctors banned her from performing for her concerts that are scheduled at the beginning of May. The singer took Twitter to express her feelings. “R u f***ing kidding me?!?!?!?? #aprilcangof***itself,” her post on the popular social netword said. 

In a recent interview Miley said that staying in hospital was actually horrible for her. The star always claimed that she just wants to get back on the stage and meet up with her fans, who are anxious to see her performances. However, as the allergic reaction issues seem to have returned, Miley needs to put her health first and wait until her condition is improved. 

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