Miley Cyrus Shows Up Pantless At Billboard Awards

Miley Cyrus finally managed to prove that daddy’s girl is all grown up: the singer showed up pantless at the Billboard Awards on Sunday. In fact, she didn’t even bothered to get a blouse because she decided that the white Jean Paul Gaulthier jacket was more than enough for the event, says Us Weekly.

I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus. Sorry, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that she is a nice person and no matter how much time I spend looking for a beautiful photo of her, I never seem to get over the fact that she is a spoiled brat who owes great part of her success to her father’s fortune. Still, I will refrain from making biased comments in this article and will refer strictly to her Billboard Awards look. So what if people around her must have been paid to tell her that she looks great even when she doesn’t? We’re just impartial news writers.

The 19-year-old singer has been trying to drop the “Hanna Montana” image and adopt a more oh- please-please- look-at-me-I’m-sexy-too style for some time now. In a recent interview with Amanda de Cadenet, she declared that she never intended to become a sex symbol; she simply adopted a more appropriate style for her age. Nevertheless, she is willing to take people’s remarks as a compliment.

Cyrus contradicted the aforementioned declaration on Sunday when she decided to wear nothing but a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a white jacket signed by Jean Paul Gaulthier. According to sources, the actress almost risked a nip slip because she was not wearing anything underneath the oversized jacket. Her hairstyle was also a little bit oversized, too, because Cyrus opted for a pumped up bob that didn’t seem to match her face shape.

In addition, she showed off the results of the gluten-free diet she has fiercely promoted during the past months. Miley is, indeed in a very good shape as she lost a few pounds. We’re just hoping she won’t become obsessed like many famous girls her age and develop unhealthy eating habits.


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