Miley Cyrus’s New Haircut Is A Pixie Cut

Some people in the tabloid market recently started arguing that Miley Cyrus might be out for attention. Truth is that Miley Cyrus’ new drastic haircut seems to confirm those reports. Miley Cyrus’s new haircut shocks fans: it’s a pixie cut!

Sunday night, some of Miley Cyrus’s fans surely suffered a mild shock as their favorite celebrity chopped off all her hair. Miley Cyrus’s going for short boyish hair isn’t exactly what many fans would see coming, but leaving personal dramas aside, the 19-year-old rocks her platinum blonde pixie cut!

Fans on Twitter got to witness the dramatic change almost as it happened. Good thing a lot of them were keeping an eye on the Olympics closing ceremonies. Anyway, Miley Cyrus’s hairstylist Chris McMillan published a photo on Twitter announcing a major change in the 19-year-old’s style. “Bye bun! Stay tuned” reads the comment McMillan had published along with a picture featuring him wearing blue gloves, scissors in one hand and Miley Cyrus’s still unchopped bun. 

Three hours later, Miley Cyrus’s new haircut was done. To fans’ shock, Miley Cyrus cut her hair. But the new haircut fits the 19-year-old former Disney star like a glove. It seems like last week’s platinum blonde change of hair color was just the beginning for Miley Cyrus. The next step was chopping her hair into a fresh pixie cut. By the way, doesn’t she look a lot like Agyness Deyn?

While some people on Twitter got the news of Miley Cyrus’s new haircut a bit too personal, the star is happy with it. “Never felt more me in my whole life” said Miley Cyrus fresh out her hairstylist’s hands. To all those who criticized her new platinum blonde pixie cut, Miley Cyrus had the following words of wisdom:

“my dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me ‘opinions are like ass holes every body has one’ LOVE my hair ? feel so happy, pretty, and free”

However, now that Miley Cyrus showed off her short hair, some fans are worried recent reports might be true. A lot of them think Miley Cyrus’s recent dramatic changes, such as losing a lot of weight, going platinum blonde and the short hair, are signs she’s going through some sort of identity crisis.

“Is Miley Cyrus having some teenage mid-life crisis!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU NUTTER” tweeted one fan.

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  1. I am in love with Miley’s new dashing haircut! It is beautiful and i truly beleive that it takes out her inner beauty! Will love miley cyrus forever! P.S: So undercover was an AMAZING movie! Your one of a kind miley <3

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