Miley Cyrus Rumored To Join X Factor As Judge

It looks like Simon Cowell isn’t just dying to get once pop princess Britney Spears on his praised X Factor. This man has big names in mind, and apparently Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are big enough to make the list. Recent reports say that Miley Cyrus will join X Factor as judge.

These last days Contact Music and The Hollywood Reporter both came forward with reports regarding the fourth celebrity that will join Simon Cowell’s X Factor judging panel. Contact Music made its bet on Miley Cyrus, while Hollywood Reporter went all in with Demi Lovato.

Basically, at the moment whether or not it’s Simon Cowell’s doing, X Factor U.S. remains in focus even when nothing is even happening. It’s been weeks now, but Simon Cowell doesn’t seem too close to seal the deal with some of the celebrities rumored to become X Factor judges. Ever since Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul called it quits, the media has been roaming with negotiation rumors regarding Simon Cowell’s preference for Britney Spears.

Contact Music writes that a source told Celebuzz that producers with X Factor have had “talks with Miley”. However, as sources say producers haven’t exactly made the former Disney star an actual offer. X Factor producers seem determined to have a celebrity that appeals to today’s teenagers and young adults, and Demi Lovato is on the list too. The Hollywood Reporter says that Demi Lovato is in fact “closing a deal” to join the judging panel.

Fans gave Celebuzz their take on the matter. From where they’re standing, Miley Cyrus looks a bit too young for such a big job, while Demi Lovato stands out as the favorite. Others have even taken into account Avril Lavigne and Fergie, also rumored to join X Factor as judges.

Now that Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are both rumored to join X Factor as judges it became clear that Simon Cowell is truly having a hard time recruiting celebrities. You’d imagine that for a gig as judge at X Factor, celebrities of all calibers would line up for an audition. Unfortunately for the show’s fans, not many people are looking forward to join the production. Makes one wonder what’s keeping stars away from the show.

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