Miley Cyrus Performs in Underwear at Milwaukee Show

If Miley Cyrus wants to shock her audience, she surely manages to achieve her purpose. The star was seen performing at a Milwaukee show wearing nothing else than her red underwear. 

The young singer stunned the crowd performing her song 23 in this outfit. Miley Cyrus sustained a concert at the BMO Harris Bradley Centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Sunday.

The young star claimed that she did not choose to wear this outfit on purpose, but in fact she had no time to dress before having to run to the stage. 

The star posed her story in a tweet, for fans to understand why she performed in her underwear. The singer claimed that this was the first time in her career when she did not have enough time to finish her costume change. This means that she needed to hurry back on the stage, otherwise she would have missed the start of her song. 

What Miley wanted to share is that she sacrificed for her fans, whom she loves so much, because the show is the most important. “Not a new outfit for 23. I didn’t make my quick change and I couldn’t not come out for the song so I just had to run out in my undies,” the singer tweeted. 

“Never happened to me before. But I love my fans as much as they love me! I couldn’t miss 23. Show must go on,” Miley explained. 

Reports indicated that fans were not bothered at all to see Miley almost naked on the stage. In fact, during her Bangerz Tour, the star was seen in quite outrageous outfits, so after all the shock is not that big. 

Miley Cyrus currently is on tour promoting her 4th studio album, Bangerz. The album was released by Miley Cyrus in October. Even though Miley claimed to be extremely happy to be on tour, her concerts have drawn a lot of critics and controversy. The famous singer received negative feedback due to her outrageous decisions. 

For instance, during her concerts Miley was seen on the stage simulating a sex act with a man wearing a Bill Clinton mark, the star was seen kissing with a fan and also wearing outrageous costumes.

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