Miley Cyrus Never Got Over Liam Hemsworth

One of the main rumors in the world of celebrities at the moment involves singer Miley Cyrus and Hollywood star Liam Hemsworth. 

Only a few weeks ago, rumors indicated that Miley and Liam have managed to repair their relationship, even though they separated years back. Some rumors went even much further and said that Miley and Liam were actually so serious about each other that they planned on taking things from where they left them and were thinking about an engagement. 

Well, now it has been claimed that Liam and Miley still love each other and have always had feeling for one another. A source talking to US Weekly revealed that the singer actually had some problems moving on from her relationship to Liam. Furthermore, the insider claimed that Miley still loves the actor and has always had feelings for him. The source added that Liam also cares about the singer. 

“She says she’s always loved Liam and always will,” the source said. “She never really got over Liam,” it added. And Miley’s feelings may be shared by her former fiancé, the insider claiming that Liam also continues to love her. “He’s never met anyone quite like her who has that hold on him,” the source explained. 

Well, if the two still love each other, why did Miley and Liam decided to separate? According to the source, the separation might have actually been caused by Miley’s image change. According to the source, accepting the fact that Miley was completely transforming her image was not easy for Liam. Still, the insider said that things might have changed and maybe Liam is ready now to accept Miley for who she is. The insider said that the two stars have talked about the prospect of getting back together. 

“He realizes she was growing up and experimenting, he took a step back and gave her time to do that,” the source said referring to Liam. “Miley’s always had a special place in his heart.” “They’ve been talking for a while, and now they’re seeing each other again,” the same insider went to say. “They are seeing where it goes before officially getting back together.”

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