Miley Cyrus is a Different person when being with Liam Hemsworth

Since ending her Hannah Montana era, Miley Cyrus has managed to create for herself the image of a wild, partying girl. Well, this might not also be the way Miley is when she is with her famous boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. 

Actually, some close friends of the young singer claimed that Miley is completely different when she is with Liam. According to Hollywood Life, the singer’s friends are not happy at all with the fact that Miley becomes a different person when she is in the company of the famous actor. Actually, Miley’s friends said that the singer just cannot be herself when she spends time when her boyfriend. 

“Certain people have complained that she’s a different person because of him, but she doesn’t care,” a source claimed. The same insider went on to explain that this new behavior of Miley is actually part of her efforts to win Liam back. “Miley’s ready to be in a new stage in her life and anyone that cares about her supports that, her family certainly does,” the insider said. “She’s growing up and that’s a good thing,” the same source concluded. 

Maybe, Liam is after all a good influence in Miley’s life. The source said that if the young singer and Liam would break up again, she would probably get back to her old habits “because he’s her motivation for changing.” Without a doubt, the claims made by the insider at this point are not far away from the truth. The fact is that since Miley and Liam got back together, the singer started to be more reserved. 

Furthermore, this is not the first time when insiders have claimed that Miley was willing to change her bad habits for the sake of the Hunger Games actor. Another source said earlier this year that Miley actually wants to prove Liam that her crazy partying is behind her now. 

“She’s ready to prove to Liam that her crazy party days are over, she wants to be a mom. By the time her mom was 25 she had three kids and Miley’s always said she wants to be a young mom too,” the source said. Well, if all these rumors are true or not, it is something yet to be found out. 

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