Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo inside of her Lip

Miley Cyrus shocks once again. The star got a new tattoo, this time inside of her lip. It definitely seems that there is nothing Miley won’t do. 

As Miley wanted to share the news with everyone, the actress posted a photo of her new tattoo on her Instagram page on Friday. However, Miley initially posted a photo of herself with a warm washcloth on her face. The star posted a capitation along with the photo. 

“My life right now thanks to @waynecoyne @stevendrozd @katy_weaver #OUCHYBOOBOO #f—yeahTulsa,” Miley wrote.  

Getting a tattoo inside your month has to be extremely painful and there is absolutely no doubt in that. Miley is not the only star who decided to take things to the next level and get a tattoo in a rather unusual location. Singer Kesha also has a lip tattoo, which the star took on her lower lip. 

So, Miley was extremely brave to take this tattoo, but the star also remains much focused on her career. Miley Cyrus took the stage alongside The Flaming Lips, for a new project. It seems that Miley will be recording with this new team a cover of a Beatles song. 

The project will also feature Andrew Van Wyngarden from MGMT. The song that these singers will interpret together is a cover of the highly famous Lucy in the Sky with Diamods. It seems that both Miley and Wayne Coyne, the frontman at the Flaming Lips, were extremely happy to work together. Coyne took Instagram to show how great the team of singers work. 

“Miley in the studio vomiting diamonds while singing Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds!,” he wrote along with the photo. “If you are a Beatles and John Lennon freak you gonna love love love this treat!,” the same post said. Coyne is well known to work with rebellious singers and Miley is just one of them. The star also collaborated with singer Kesha. 

Moreover, Miley and The Flaming Lips have worked together before, so apparently they get along absolutely well. The singers were seen together on the stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, last month, part of Miley’s Bangerz tour. 

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