Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Fight over Prenup?

It seems that things no longer work so great between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. According to a new celebrity report, the famous pair is arguing over Miley’s decision to sign a prenuptial agreement before the duo’s alleged upcoming wedding.

So, the report first shared by OK! Australia claimed that Miley and Liam got into a fight after the famous actor became very upset with his girlfriend. It all started when Miley decided to give Liam a prenuptial agreement. Liam was asked to sign it, but it seems that the famous actor disagrees with the need for such an agreement. Furthermore, the report claimed that Liam was “deeply offended” by the request and the two got into a very serious fight.

“They got into an explosive fight,” an insider clarified. “Miley told her friends that Liam got furious. They never yell, but they were screaming and in tears,” the same source added. Allegedly, things got so bad in the fight that Miley even thought that the relationship was going to end. She allegedly told some friends that she believed Liam was going to end things. Of course, there is no official comment from the two on this report, so it is yet to see if the claims are really true.

Meanwhile, it seems that things are going perfectly well between Miley and Liam. The two stars were spotted together recently, and they definitely looked very happy. Furthermore, Liam recently shared a lovely pic of him and Miley on Instagram with a cute message: “My little angel and I.”

Previous reports claimed that the relationship with Liam has been very good for Miley, helping her stay away from scandals and wild partying. And the fact that she is back with Liam has made Miley much happier. The two first started dating after starring together on the set of The Last Song. They separated soon after getting engaged, but the famous pair decided then to reconcile. They have since been together.

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