Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Fight about the singer’s smoking habits

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have recently made their first public appearance since their reconciliation. However, this does not mean that Miley and Liam have absolutely no issues. Actually, it has constantly been claimed that Miley’s behavior was still a reason of discontent for Liam. Now, a new report has indicated that the famous couple actually had a major fight because of Miley’s smoking habit. 

The report came from Life & Style, which actually said that Miley and Liam separated because of the singer’s bad habit. The report said that Miley and Liam had a huge fight. The celebrity site cited a source, allegedly a friend of the couple, who said that Miley’s love for pot is in fact the only thing that Liam does not like about the famous singer. The report also said that Liam told Miley that she was just smoking too much weed. 

However, Miley didn’t take this well and the report said that she told Liam that “he was holding her back and making her hide who she truly is.” Miley screamed at her boyfriend and Liam of course was not happy with her reaction, so the two got into a serious argument. This allegedly, led to the end of their engagement. “They are still both so upset and angry,” the source claimed. 

However, another insider explained that Liam cares a lot about Miley and he doesn’t want to give up on her and on their relationship. So, the actor “still hopes they can work things out.” As imagined, Miley and Liam have, as always, remained silent about the rumors. 

It is not really clear when this fight occurred, as only a few days ago Miley and Liam were spotted together and they definitely seemed to be fine. Moreover, since the two decided to make their first public appearance as a couple since the reconciliation, things should be going great between them. Miley and Liam have never addressed the rumors that have been on regarding their relationship. And despite all rumors, it seems that they have remained together.

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