Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto a Couple?

It surely seems that there might be something going on between Miley Cyrus and actor Jared Leto. According to the latest rumors, things have started to heat up between the two stars. Reportedly, Miley and Jared are not interested in a serious romance, but they are indulging in a sex-only relationship. 

According to one insider, the relationship between Miley and Jared is only about sex. Furthermore, the insider talking to Star Magazine said that Jared has actually set some boundaries, to make sure that the relationship with Miley will not get more serious. This is the reason why, the two want to keep their fling a secret and do not want to be spotted by the paparazzi. 

“They were in L.A. one weekend for separate fund-raisers, but afterward, they met up at a hotel in West Hollywood. They hardly ever go to Miley’s place because it’s too easy for the paparazzi to catch them. And when they spend the night at a hotel, they choose one with underground access,” the insider explained. 

The same source went on to add that Miley is also agreeing to keeping the relationship private and just have fun. “Miley knows it’s because Jared is seeing a lot of other women, but she’s told friends she doesn’t care and is more than happy to keep their arrangement a secret,” the insider said. 

Well, other sources went to confirm that there may be something going on between Miley and Jared and said that the young singer is doing her best to keep the flame alive, even when she and Jared cannot get together. “They don’t see each other that often but they’re in touch a lot, mostly just by text,” another insider explained. “They send each other hot pictures too. Miley loves teasing him with sexy pictures of herself. It’s super casual but he’s more than just a hook-up buddy. They genuinely care about each other.”

Although the two have decided to keep their relationship a secret, this does not mean that Miley has been shy about showing that she likes Jared. The two stars were seen together in August and Miley has actually shared a photo of herself half-naked while being hugged by the actor. It is yet to see how this romance will evolve. 

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