Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher might separate

New rumors were associated to a Hollywood couple and this time Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were in the middle of the attention.

The latest speculation indicated that Mila Kunis and the father of her baby daughter, Ashton Kutcher, are dealing with serious relationship problems, which may lead to their separation. 

The rumors first emerged after an insider claimed that Mila was seen without her wedding ring. The same insider said that Mila might file for an official separation from her baby’s father.

According to the insider, the issues in this beautiful couple emerged after Ashton was spotted leaving from a Thai massage venue. Of course, Mila could not be happy with this. 

However, the separation rumor might not be true after all, as the report was dismissed by Gossip Cop, which claimed that Mila and Ashton are doing well and their relationship is not in danger. The site claimed that it talked to a source close to the pair, who dismissed the report, saying that it was just “not true.” 

Some reports said that although the separation rumors were exaggerated, Ashton was did seen at the Thai massage venue, while Mila was concerned about this. Of course, these claims were also dismissed, being said that the whole story was untrue. 

Well, the fact that the separation rumors are not true might also be proven through the fact that Mila and Ashton were spotted together with their one year old daughter, Wyatt, on the set of Mila’s latest movie and they seemed to be a very happy family. So, Ashton seems to have decided to surprise Mila with a visit on the set of Bad Moms. Mila has been working at this upcoming movie in New Orleans. 

Well, Ashton was spotted carrying his beautiful daughter in his arms, while the baby looked absolutely adorable. Bad Moms is expected to be an interesting movie, in which Mila stars alongside Kristen Bell. The story is about three stressed out moms. 

So, it seems that Ashton and Mila remain a happy couple and the pair is focusing on both their family and their careers.  

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