Mike Tyson’s Show In New Zealand Canceled For Visa Issues

Mike Tyson’s show in New Zealand, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” was canceled as a result of the visa issues that the heavyweight champion encountered. According to the Associated Press, the charitable organization that planned the trip to New Zealand changed their mind and requested the nation’s associated immigration minister to cancel the visa.

Mike Tyson’s fans were eagerly expecting to see the heavyweight boxing champion perform in a one-man show in New Zealand. Unfortunately, the charitable organization, Life Education Trust, which invited Tyson to make a public appearance in September, rescinded the visa. 

Kate Wilkinson, nation’s associated immigration minister, told the press that the support provided by the organization has determined the ministry to grant Mike a visa to New Zealand. Now that Life Education Trust has changed their mind about Tyson’s visit, there was no reason for the boxing champion to receive a visa, so they canceled it.

Mike Tyson’s former legal problems might have determined the ministry to be more cautious in relation to the boxing champion. In 1992, he was convicted for rape and spent three years in jail. Wilkinson, however, claims the visa application has been correctly evaluated and the decision to cancel the document was not at all influenced by Mike’s past.

The public speech that the boxer-turned-actor had to make in September was not the only reason why Tyson was willing to visit New Zealand. He also had a one-man-show called “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” scheduled in the following period. The show had to be canceled, as well, considering that the star did not receive a visa.

Even though Mike Tyson is usually portrayed as a tough man, he declared in a recent interview that he plans to dedicate himself to other activities besides boxing. Ever since he featured in the movie “Hangover”, the heavyweight champion told the media that he fell in love with dancing and singing and he wants to do everything he can to become a performer in the near future. He hopes his new interests will help him get rid of the tough public persona image that he is often attributed in the media.

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