Mike Tyson And Spike Lee Team Up For Broadway Show

Although his boxing career is long gone, Mike Tyson continues his journey as a celebrity and is no stranger to trying out new things. Part of his future plans is teaming up with Spike Lee for a Broadway show about his life.

Sure he’s the man you would never want to get into a fight. The time when he simply bit off some of his opponent’s ear during a fight gave him a reputation that made it in the history books. In fact it’s part of the pop culture now and often people would joke about it. But it looks like Mike Tyson isn’t only muscles, knuckles and a hell storm coming your way.

This Monday, former boxing legend Mike Tyson announced he is planning to go back on Broadway. The last time he was on the stage of a theatre the man left the press conference with a chunk of Lennox Lewis’s leg in his mouth.  But this time, Mike Tyson has more peaceful plans in mind. His return to Broadway will mark his acting career debut.

Tyson announced he and director Spike Lee will team up to do a Broadway one man show about his life. The show’s title reads: “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” and is expected to reveal the vulnerable side of the fighting machine. He will perform on the Longacre Theatre scene for a few days, starting July 31 and ending August 5th.

Wearing almost all white, Mike Tyson told reporters at his press conference this week: “I’m very vulnerable and I’m just telling you who I am and where I’m from and how this happened”. He said viewers should expect a “raw” and “filthy” show with details about his romance with Robin Givens, time behind bars and his cocaine addiction.

It’s likely the boxing legend got the idea from Chazz Palminteri, a performer who had a one-man show about how he grew up in Bronx. “I’m really just excited about this genre here” said Mike Tyson after watching the performance.

For director Spike Lee, Mike Tyson’s one man show marks his debut on Broadway too. He believes Tyson has “a great story” which he will tell “masterfully”.

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