Microsoft: Windows 8 To Go On Sale On October 26

According to the Associated Press, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will go on sale on October 26. An update will also be available for those who don’t want to purchase the new operating system, but to upgrade the existing one instead.

Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that the new system, Windows 8 will most likely be available on the market around October. The spokespersons did not specify back then, the exact date of the release, but it seems that executives have finally estimated when the product will be ready, that is, on October 26.

Based on the details they provided during the annual sales meeting on Wednesday, Windows 8 is suitable for a wider range of products. Until now, Microsoft operating systems used to work only with computers, but Windows 8 will feature on tablets and other mobile devices, in addition to computers.

Since many customers may not afford the new system, Microsoft has come up with a plan to enable everyone to get Windows 8. The software will be available as a downloadable upgrade for $40. This way, PC owners who have Windows XP, Vista or 7 don’t have to make too many efforts to modernize their devices. PC makers will start selling computers with Windows 8 on the same day.

The price that Microsoft is charging for the new software is much more accessible than the costs they used to practice in the past for system upgrades. They motivated their decision by saying that they want as many companies as possible to replace their old operating systems with the new one. In fact, people who have bought Windows 7 on June 2 or later will receive a discount, so the upgrade will cost them only $15.

Microsoft stated in a previous presentation that Windows 8 has been endowed with many attractive features. Users will benefit of additional options to personalize their computers, as well as a new tile-based user interface.

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