Microsoft Will Launch a Smart Watch within Weeks

Microsoft is prepared to launch a wearable smart watch in the next few weeks. This interesting device will have the ability to track a user’s heart rate and is said to work across different mobile platforms. The giant tech company declared that this device will have a battery that will be able to hold more than two days of regular use. If this will turn out being true, then the Microsoft Smart Watch will bring a better feature compared to the Moto 360 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch, as both these devices need to be charged once a day.

According to rumors, Microsoft will launch the wearable gear within the next few weeks. The rumor that the giant tech was planning to launch a wearable device was around for months now, as Apple also showed an interest in wearable devices. A report released in April said that the tech company was planning to ensure that its smart watch could sync with Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

The smart watch will be more focused on fitness activities, but also will have a few other features. The best features that this watch is said to have are heart rate, calories burned, track steps and other interesting key health attributes. Microsoft has tested the ability to monitor heart rate day and night.

Many wearable devices, such as smart glasses and smartwatches have become popular and many manufacturers have tried to design the most interesting and good looking such devices this year. To differentiate their devices from competitors, tech companies have tried to create products with a large variety of options. For example, LG and Motorola have opted for traditional circular watch face designs, in hope to attract owners interested in a fashionable look.

Microsoft has decided to focus its wearable device production on one of the key selling points that many other players on the market have already seized upon. We are talking about health. For instance, Samsung’s Gear S, launched in August, includes a pedometer, sleep tracking and a heart rate monitor. Meanwhile, Apple unveiled its Apple Watch, which also includes apps such as calories burned, heart rate tracker, activity level and works with other fitness apps, including Nike+.

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