Microsoft to Reveal Windows 9 at September Event

Microsoft revealed that on September 30 the famous company will host a press event, at which the tech giant is expected to unveil the Windows 9. This is thought to be the flagship Windows operating system. This means that Windows 9 is expected to be amazingly functional, compared to the previous release of Microsoft. 

It has been reported that this new update made to Microsoft’s operating system will actually mean a return to the Start menu that was featured in Windows 7. So, one of the most criticized things about Windows 8 has been the lack of comfort when it comes to its menu. There is no wonder that Microsoft might be willing to make a change to this aspect. 

At the Build conference in April, Microsoft presented a Start menu that blends the classic look with the Windows 8-style titles, which made everyone believe that this is what Windows 9 will introduce on the market. Well, it seems that we will not have to wait that long to discover the new release. It is expected for Microsoft to reveal more about this new product at its event. 

Microsoft sent the invitations to the event on Monday. This event will be held by the famous tech giant in San Francisco. The invitations sent asks people to join Microsoft to see what is next for the Windows and the famous company. Naturally, the invitation says nothing about what Microsoft plans on presenting at this point. 

“Join us to hear about what’s next for Windows and the enterprise,” reads the invitation to the Sept. 30 event. Naturally, this will not be the moment when the new Windows 9 will be launched. It will actually be released in 2015. However, its presentation at this point might be important for developers. 

Well, in about two weeks we will find out what Microsoft is preparing and if it really plans on presenting its Windows 9. The release of a new operating system comes after Microsoft decided to stop support for Windows XP, while users refuse to turn to Windows 8, which is still facing a lot of criticism. 

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