Microsoft to Release Tablet with LTE Connectivity

Reports reveal that Microsoft might be preparing to release its first tablet with built-in support for 3G and 4G connectivity, featuring this time an LTE option. 

It is not that big surprise that Microsoft might soon release its new tablet, as the company announced last fall its intention to launch an LTE connectivity version of this device in early 2014. However, apparently the new product will be out sooner than imagined. 

The Surface 2 with LTE or 4G is without a doubt an expected improvement. In fact, until now all the tablets that Microsoft released came only with Wi-Fi, which meant a disadvantage for the famous manufacturer, compared to other products that can be found on the market. 

So, having under consideration that the competition offers such a feature, which seems to be quite appreciated by users, there is no wonder that Microsoft might also be focusing on releasing a tablet with 4G connectivity. 

Adding 4G to its Surface tablet for the first time is expected to bring a boost to Microsoft when it comes to sales. Reports reveal that the new feature will most probably be added to the Surface tablet, not to the Surface Pro, as many would have expected. 

Naturally, Microsoft declined to comment on these latest reports, so exactly what the company might be planning on doing remains unknown at this point. Microsoft has described its tablets as portable computing devices, but it looks that the company might be ready to move to something more than that. 

Naturally, it also is yet unclear when the LTE Surface 2 tablet will be out. Last fall, when Microsoft talked about its future plans on tablets development the company said that their new Surface 2 will debut on AT&T and Vodafone. 

Other rumors have revealed that Microsoft might be thinking about releasing a mini tablet to address a new category of clients. The new device will feature a screen size between 7 and 8 inch. Naturally, this is what some sources have claimed. 

Well, exactly what Microsoft has prepared for its clients and fans is about to see when the company will announce its latest releases. Most likely, fans will not have to wait for too long for that.

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