Microsoft To Release Smart Watches?

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung, Microsoft announced on Monday that the software company could release its own prototype of smart watches in the following period. The rumor started after the Windows maker ordered several components that are generally used for touch-based watches, PS World reports.

Smart watches could be the next device to flood technology stores, given the large number of companies announcing their intention to manufacture and release a similar gadget by the end of the year. The first to make the announcement was Apple, which revealed its plans to launch iWatches during the third quarter of 2013, so users could easily access their iPhones. Its old-time rival, Samsung, is allegedly preparing a similar device, although the South Korean company denied all rumors.

Microsoft, too, could be preparing a smart watch because the Windows maker has been secretly sourcing components for a “Watch-style device”. Among the elements that the company ordered was also a 1.5-inch display from component makers; therefore, analysts believe the item can only be used for a wearable device, such as the smart watch. In spite of their certainty, there is no actual evidence that Microsoft could actually follow the trend of these wearable devices.

Wearable gadgets are highly sought-after at present as customers seem to be interested in other objects besides smartphones and tablets. Technology giants are looking for new products they can resort to in order to satisfy their customers’ needs. Microsoft has tried to launch a similar prototype on other occasions; back in 2002, the software company unveiled a small wrist watch called Smart Personal Object Technology, but abandoned the concept after a lackluster performance.

Gartner forecast that wearable technology in shoes, tattoos and accessories will constitute a $10 billion industry in U.S. by year 2016. Microsoft may not be willing to risk missing this boat, too, after failing to adapt to the emerging smartphone trend. The software company is preparing to launch new modern products to make up for the diminishing market shares.



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