Microsoft to Purchase Minecraft on Monday

The fact that Microsoft might be interested in the purchase of Minecraft is not something new. However, the famous company may actually make this purchase on Monday, new reports reveal.

So, according to the latest rumors, Microsoft will acquire Mojang, the creator of the Minecraft video game franchise. It seems that the tech giant will pay no less than $2.5 billion for the company and the official announcement on the buy will be made by Microsoft on Monday. Some analysts have already claimed that most likely, the reason why Microsoft is interested in this purchase is linked to the development of Windows Phone. 

Minecraft is one of the most popular games at the moment. The game is equally popular on the iOS and on Android. Statistics reveal that it actually has more than 100 million players across all its platforms. The famous and popular game is not available on the Windows Phone now, which made rumors emerge on the fact that the acquisition may actually mean that the game will become available on this platform, too. 

However, analysts say that this does not mean that Minecraft will no longer work on Android or iOS devices. Still, most likely Microsoft will tend to add certain functionalities and features only on its device. So, most likely Microsoft will create a version for Windows and Windows Phone with some additional features and benefits. 

Reports suggest that the co-founder of Mojang, Markus Persson, actually was the one who approached Microsoft with the purpose to close a deal. Apparently, Persson was much interested in the prospect of a sale, although no other details have been released for now. 

Well, for now it surely is extremely difficult to say what Mojang and Microsoft plan on doing, but most likely more details will be released very soon. 

Minecraft enjoys a huge success and popularity now. It was recently released for both Xbox One and PS 4, as well. The game is a huge money maker, so if Microsoft will really pay $2.5 billion for it, it may not be a bad investment, but maybe one that will allow Microsoft to reach new development opportunities. 

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