Microsoft to Modernize YouTube App for Windows Phone 8

CNET News reports that Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the company plans to modernize the YouTube app to make it more appropriate for Windows Phone 8. Judging by the declaration provided by the software company, it appears that the new YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 will be enriched with many new options.

Microsoft and Google have been involved in a longtime feud given the strong competition between their operating systems. The Windows maker announced on early Wednesday that they will revamp the YouTube app for their Windows Phone 8 in the following period. Although Microsoft made no clear statement in this sense, analysts believe the feud between the two software companies may be over due to the release of the YouTube app.

The former YouTube app that was used on the Windows Phone 8 had some glitches that were often related by Microsoft to Google compatibility issues. Bill Gates’ company decided to redesign the YouTube app and make it compatible with the tile presentation of their Windows 8 operating system.

The argument between Google and Microsoft started in 2006 when the Windows maker first noticed that the app was incompatible with their smartphones. Microsoft stated back then that Google had blocked their Windows Phone 8 access to YouTube metadata to favor Android and iOS devices. Windows Phone 8 users were thus unable to get the same YouTube experience as they could not benefit of video categories, favorites, ratings, and other features.

Microsoft has decided to personally take care of the YouTube app, so Windows Phone 8 users will benefit of numerous options from now on. Owners will be able to pin specific videos, playlists, channels and search queries so they can quickly access them from the Start menu. There is also a Kid’s Corner which gives parents the possibility to limit their children’s access to YouTube content.

Windows Phone 8 users will easily access and control their YouTube profiles thanks to the new app developed by Microsoft. The redesigned program will be improved with social network facilities for users who want to share their discoveries with their online friends.

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