Microsoft to Invest in the Smartwatch Industry

As more and more companies seem interested in the smartwatch industry, there is no wonder that new reports reveal that Microsoft might be releasing such a product, as well. 

So, the big question regarding Microsoft at the moment is whether this company is joining the smartwatch industry or not. Microsoft seems interested in joining Samsung and Apple on releasing such a smart device, Forbes indicates. 

This new report by Forbes seems to reveal that the new device that Microsoft is working at actually is a “sensor-rich smartwatch that measures heart rate and syncs with iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones.” Apparently, Microsoft plans on providing an enhanced usability with this new device. Forbes claims that for the famous company to release this latest product, expertise from the Xbox Kinect division has to be used. So, Kinect technology might be part of the new project, reports also claim. 

Well, the fact that Microsoft might be planning on releasing such a product is not that surprising. Still, what surprises is that the smartwatch will work with the iPhone and Android devices. This has made many analysts believe that Microsoft is actually planning on using the smartwatch to boost the popularity of the Windows phone. 

Forbes has not revealed when the new smartwatch will be out. In the lack of a release date, it remains unknown what Microsoft really plans on doing. The report indicates that most likely the new product will be out sometime during the summer. And this may not be the only thing that Microsoft is preparing for its fans. 

It seems that Satya Nadella, the CEO of the famous company, has many plans for Microsoft and the future of its products. With rivals such as Apple and Samsung, it still is quite difficult for Microsoft to make an important presence on the market of smart devices. Recently this year, Nadella claimed that the plan of the company is to make its services and software available on all devices. Maybe the fact that the Microsoft smartwatch will work with the iPhone and Android smartphone will determine more people into purchasing such a device. 

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