Microsoft to create new iPad application

The software company is looking for new ways to reach out to its customers. According to a recent report published on CNET News, Microsoft plans to create a new Office application that will soon be available for all iPad tablets. The new Microsoft Office app, which was first announced in November, integrates the programs that we have all become familiar with: Word, Excel and Power Point.

It’s been a long time since Microsoft has released a modern product, so Bill Gates’ company was struggling not to lag behind its rivals. It was about time for them to come up with an Office application given that smartphones and tablets have become increasingly more popular.

Analysts believe that the new Microsoft Office app will have a user interface that is similar to the one seen on the OneNote application. Developers have also included features from Metro, the interface design that will be available on Windows Phone and the new desktop operating system, Windows 8. The company did not specify whether the Office application will include other programs besides Word, Excel and Power Point. All we know is that iPad owners will be able to create these files using their Apple tablets.

The Microsoft Office application will not be available for Android-based tablets, but only for devices operating on iOS. The product might be released earlier than expected, according to analysts. In fact, iPads might be the first to receive an Office Suite and not the tablets containing ARM processors as it was initially announced.

Reporters were not able to find out what might have determined Microsoft to collaborate with its longtime rival, Apple, for the launching of the new application. One thing is for sure: Bill Gates’ company is no longer willing to wait for its own tablets to be released, so they are going to allow the application to be used on non-Microsoft devices first. The spokesperson did not communicate the official released date of the software.

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