Microsoft to Buy Minecraft for $2 Billion

Reports reveal that Microsoft might be interested in the purchase of Minecraft. It has been claimed that the famous company is willing to pay no less than $2 billion for this game. 

Apparently, Microsoft has been in talks with the popular company for months, in order to close the deal. Some sources told Bloomberg News that Microsoft is so interested in Minecraft that the popular company is willing to pay a huge sum of money for it. If the deal turns out being true, paying $2 billion for the game will actually be the largest deal that Microsoft has made in a while. 

Naturally, this would be the biggest deal that the famous company made since Satya Nadella took over as the CEO. However, it seems that the deal was not initiated by Nadella, but by the founder of Mojang, Markus Notch Perrson. Although Perrson is known to criticize Microsoft, it seems that the CEO has a personal close relationship with Phil Spencer, the chief of Xbox. 

The fact that Microsoft has shown interest in Minecraft is not shocking at all. Actually, this is one of the most successful projects in the video game industry at the moment. Over 54 million copies of Minecraft have been sold so far and the success of the famous game is in continuous growth. If the purchase will finally be completed, this can turn out being an extremely successful opportunity for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. 

Analysts claim that without a doubt Minecraft will continue to be sold on competitors’ devices, including here the PlayStation. However, most likely, certain exclusive content will be created just for the Xbox One console, so fans may turn their attention to this device. 

Microsoft seems quite interested to expand its business and find new development ways for the company. It has been revealed that Microsoft is trying to refresh its business. It recently also purchased the phone maker Nokia, for no less than $7.2 billion. 

Well, a confirmation or maybe a denial on this purchase is expected in the near future, so it is yet to discover what plans Microsoft really has. 

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