Microsoft Surface Pro Criticized Before Release

Although it hasn’t been launched yet, Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet has been tested by the most popular tech websites in the United States. Reviews have shown that the tablet may not have the right assets to compete against the big players on the tablet market, Apple and Samsung, according to Reuters.

The tablet-laptop hybrid produced by Microsoft is meant to help the software company launch new products in addition to the Windows operating system. Analysts, however, doubt this will ever happen because the tablet lacks some of the features that have made Apple’s iPad and MacBook Air the most popular tablets on the market at present.

Microsoft described the device as a gadget that will most likely appeal to professionals and businessmen due to the Intel Corp chip and the Windows 8 operating system. Windows co-chief Tami Reller told reporters at Reuters that the hybrid tablet will be available starting on Saturday. He described the launching of the new product as the company’s attempt to revive consumers’ interest in Windows 8 which did not register too many sales so far.

The first tablet launched by Microsoft was Surface RT; it features an ARM Holdings Plc-designed chip and is not compatible with old Microsoft programs. Surface Pro, however, will be a lot heavier and more expensive than the former model. The 64 and 128 gigabyte versions will both feature Wi-Fi connectivity and their starting price will be $899. Customers who want to provide their tablet with a keyboard will be able to get one in exchange for $120. Judging by these figures, it looks like the Surface Pro will be much more expensive than an iPad and almost the same price as a 64 GB MacBook Air laptop.

Even though Microsoft tried to describe its product as a device that manages to bring the advantages of a full operating system to a tablet, reviewers think there are too many compromises at stake. Surface Pro has many qualities but it is too heavy and too large to be considered a tablet. On the other hand, its battery life is too short (4 hours) to compete against the iPad which lasts twice the same time. More reviews will be published, however, when the tablet will be officially launched and customers will determine whether Surface Pro is really a good product or not.

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