Microsoft Surface 3 comes cheaper

Microsoft launched on Tuesday a lower-priced Surface tablet. With this new tablet, the company wanted to enter the tablet market battle, which is dominated by Google and Apple. The new Surface 3 will be available for 499 dollars, which is approximately the same starting price as Apple’s iPad Air 2. For the moment, the tablet is available in pre-order online and it is expected to arrive in shops in early May.

Microsoft Surface 3 features a more mainstream-friendly model and it is similar with Apple’s MacBook line and Lenovo’s Yoga line. This new model has all the features from the more-expensive models, but for a lower price the company has given up other specs and features.

The non-Pro model is very similar with the Surface Pro 3, but with a few adjustments. The new non-Pro model comes with an adjustable kickstand, the touchscreen has a 1,920x,1,080 native resolution and a 10.8-inch display. It’s not really bad, but for users who are looking for a higher resolution and a bigger display, probably they would opt for the Pro 3, which features a 12.5-inch and a 2,160×1,440 resolution.

Both tablets are coming with a 3:2 aspect ratio, which is great because the user will fell more like writing on a pad of paper. Surface 3 can also be used with a stylus, but this is sold separately for 49 dollars.

However, the main attraction on this tablet is the optional keyboard cover. This keyboard features large backlit keys packed into a very slim cover. The connection between the tablet and the keyboard is made through a magnetic hinge. This is the cleverest bit of engineering that Surface line offers. The sad part about this keyboard is that it costs 129 dollars. To be mentioned that the keyboard is available in a large variety of colors. Microsoft Surface 3 features a different size compared to other Surface models, so it needs a cover made specifically for this unit.

Microsoft Surface 3 is powered by the new Atom x7, with 2GB Ram and 64GB solid-state drive. However, the tablet will be also available in some higher-priced variations and will have built-in 4G LTE antennas.

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