Microsoft’s New Tablets ‘Surface’ Are More Ultrabook Than iPad

Not many expected yesterday’s invite to Microsoft’s event to actually pay off. In fact, most IT experts said the event was too little promoted to actually be promoting Microsoft’s new tablet. But, on Monday, Microsoft did present its new tablets, called ‘Surface’. At a first look, the Surface tablets are more ultrabook than iPad.

As of this week, Microsoft dipped its fingers in the tablet market. Its entrance into this market comes later than expected and represents a big challenge. It is the first time the company had to deliver a gadget entirely constructed under its own brand. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Chief Executive, unveiled yesterday in Los Angeles the company’s new tablets, called ‘Surface’.

With a 10.6-inch display and Microsoft’s Windows 8, Microsoft’s tablet comes with a series of features that makes it a contender both for Apple’s iPad and the new trend in IT, the ultrabook. Microsoft’s Surface is available in five colors, features an USB 2.0 port, a microSD, micro HD video connector and users can choose between the 32GB or 64GB storage versions.

Not only is Microsoft’s new tablet only a third of an inch thick, but it comes with two types of covers that are going to truly boost the functionality of the gadget when it comes to corporate functions. The Touch cover will detect your finger movements while the Type cover offers a solid surface for all those of you not yet convinced by the touch screen function.

Microsoft’s Surface is equipped for Skype calls, with stereo speakers, dual microphones and rear-facing camera. It also comes with a kickstand and magnetic cover and will “be priced like comparable tablets”.

When the rumor that Microsoft was going to launch a tablet first surfaced, experts didn’t expect that much of it. But at a first look it’s obvious Microsoft made no compromises when it designed it. Steve Ballmer described the company’s new product to be a PC, a tablet and “something new that we think people will really love”.

Truth be told, Microsoft’s new tablets could really take the market by storm. Even if Apple’s iPad is leader when it comes to consumer electronics, Microsoft’s tablets could definitely be a success in the corporate market, combining the functionality of both the ultrabook and the iPad with popular software and high compatibility with corporate app, operating systems and devices.

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