Microsoft Reveals Cheaper Office 365 Personal

Microsoft seems to be very close in releasing its Office 365 Personal. It will be available for Mac and iOS devices, reports indicate. 

So, the new Office 365 package is called Personal and is ready for release, at least this what new reports indicate. Actually, reports reveal that it is all a matter of when the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, will want to present the latest project to its customers. 

The new service will be priced $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, while the new tool will be accessible to clients starting with this spring. A report from Reuters indicates that sources close to Microsoft revealed that the company is quite affected by the fact that customers stop using its products in favor of cheaper alternatives. Mostly, this occurs in the mobile environment. 

According to the same report on Reuters, Microsoft is losing about $2.5 billion per year in revenue, just because the Office package cannot be accessed in the mobile environment. Currently, numerous users access mobile devices, the mobile environment becoming more and more popular. Microsoft Office has failed to make a presence in this environment, so far. 

Moreover, it seems that many companies have actually moved further to abandon Office for much cheaper alternatives. This seems to be one of the reasons why Microsoft has chosen to focus on bringing its software to the smartphone and the tablet. 

It is a widely known fact that Office has been for a long time one of the most profitable products that Microsoft has released until now. The company has invested quite some time and efforts to make this impressive product adaptable for the Android and the iOS. However, some analysts seem to believe that it might be too late for the tech giant to make an important presence on this environment. 

The impressive number of alternatives available on this market makes it quite difficult for Office 365 Personal to become the most desired solution, analysts believe. Still, it is yet to see when the product will be released and how fans will receive it.

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