Microsoft Prepares New Xbox

Microsoft has fallen somewhat behind compared to other software companies. As a consequence, the Windows maker is preparing to launch a new Xbox video game console at a special event in May. Producers are convinced that the new product will help stabilize sales because it represents a new generation of hardware, CNET News reports.

Sources have provided an exact date for the event May 21st, but they could not tell whether there will be any changes or not. Chances are that Microsoft could postpone the event to a later date, given that the launching was initially settled for April.

Plans in relation to the upcoming event remain confidential, event tough reporters at CNET News have nevertheless, managed to find out some pieces of information related to the technical specs that will be featured on the new video game console. The processor of the new device will be featured by Advanced Micro Devices, so the new Xbox could be faster than the previous generations. Advanced Micro Devices has been renowned as one of the best chip makers in America, so Xbox users may be very pleased with the performance of the video game console.

The May’s event was mentioned on previous occasions by various bloggers and analysts. The most recent declaration was made last week during a Web talk show and the news was confirmed by the tech website, the Verge on Monday. Despite the strong wave of rumors, Microsoft keeps mum about the new generation of Xbox consoles.

The exact launching date may not be known now, but Microsoft will most likely release the product before the summer holiday as this is the best moment to increase sales. Reviewers and analysts are convinced that the new generation of video game console will revolutionize game graphics due to its excessive realism.

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