Microsoft Praises Xbox One As The All-In-1 Entertainment

PC Mag informs that Microsoft praises its newly released Xbox One gaming console as the all-in-1-entertainment device. The console, which will be available for sale at the end of 2013, can be used by owners for various entertaining activities from games, to sports and television.

Microsoft has been the leader of the game console market for many years due to its Xbox 360 device, but has kept customers waiting in the past eight years because the software giant has failed to produce new game consoles. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s competitors have taken advantage of the company’s absence and released new products that have gradually won the market shares that Microsoft left behind.

The Windows maker has not been scared by the increasing competition and took the time to produce an all-inclusive game console that will become the star of the electronic devices. Or so they say. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One game console which will be released towards the end of the year is packed with numerous options that will give customers everything they need. Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s president of interactive entertainment business, told the press during the Xbox One presentation conference that people will be able to perform all the tasks they want using just the game console they have created in the past four years.

Users can switch between television channels, listen to music, play movies and browse the Internet with the help of voice commands. Various apps and chat programs may be accessed in parallel with the aforementioned channels as the game console was designed to meet the needs of all the family members, not just the ones of the core gamers.

Competitors have not stood still and prepared new products, too. Nintendo launched the Wii U in November, whereas Sony Corp announced the launching of the new PlayStation 4 in February. These devices, too, incorporate social networking and streaming media apps, which makes it all the more difficult for Microsoft’s Xbox One to reach the level of its competitors.

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