Microsoft Office Arrives on iPhone – Lots of Changes Announced By The Company

Microsoft Office has finally landed on iPhone and, according to the company’s declaration, lots of changes have been operated on the program. The news is great for Microsoft because the software company will expand its percentage of mobile users, but Apple, too, will have a lot to benefit from the agreement.

Reporters at PC World have received the good news that Office Mobile is now available on iPhone. The program can be purchased from Apple App Store starting this Friday. Office 365 subscribers can benefit of the new program freely because they already pay $10 month or $100 per year.

Microsoft couldn’t have made a better move, according to analysts. The new agreement that the software company has signed with iPhone will expand their number of mobile users from 1.2 percent Windows Phone users to 60 percent iOS owners. The Windows maker has relied solely on their ability to attract customers using just Windows Phones and tablets, but this tactic was not enough. They needed to make their programs and services available on other platforms, as well. Which they just did.

Due to this modification, users will no longer be forced to search for alternative programs, such as, Documents to Go, Quick Office and Apple’s iWork apps. The quality of the services that Windows Office provides has to equal that of alternative programs because some users might have already gotten accustomed to these new systems.

Office 365 has been quickly downloaded by more than one million subscribers exceeding the records set by Facebook, Dropbox and other household names. Judging by the provided figures, the service will be highly appreciated among iOS users just as it is among Windows consumers. Download rates could be further increased in the future because Office 365 Home Premium gives one user the possibility to install Microsoft Office on five PCs or Macs.

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