Microsoft, NYPD Join Hands To Create Crime-Fighting Tech System

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, Microsoft and New York Police Department have joined hands to create a tech system that could soon reduce crime rates in most American states. The program has been very successful during the previous missions, but its price is directly proportional to the number of states that are willing to use it.

Microsoft has always been interested in developing highly useful software for professionals. The program that the software company has recently developed in collaboration with the New York Police Department could help authorities fight against crime.

The tech system has been secretly used in the past year by the terrorist unit, but Microsoft and NYPD are willing to sell it to other law enforcement agencies if the latter are interested. The deal will be proficuous for the NYPD, for Microsoft and for the cities, as well, as they will get a 30 percent cut.

Microsoft revealed reporters that the software will display all the information that authorities need to know when confronted with an attack. Thus, police officers are properly prepared before making an intervention due to the Domain Awareness System, which gives access to the 3000 city cameras, their arrest records and the list of 911 calls registered in the past. In addition, the program, also known as the dashboard, provides users with license plate readers and portable radiation detectors.

Police officers, who have tested the program, have been very pleased with its results. Jessica Tisch, director of planning and policy for the counterterrorism unit, told reporters that the dashboard works “incredibly well”. Analysts, too, have been impressed with Microsoft’s new software. They told reporters that police officers could solve many important cases with the help of the software, so they hope the program could be successful in the future.

The project was first started in 2009 when NYPD addressed Microsoft in order to create software that could help them monitor the Lower Manhattan areas. They chose the software company because they needed someone who could produce a professional product that could display all the data they needed during emergency cases.

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