Microsoft, Nokia File EU Complaint Against Google’s Android Dominance

Microsoft and Nokia filed a complaint at the European Union against Google’s Android dominance. The two companies request official at the European Union to fine the software company because they are practicing software dominance to prevent fair competition, the Associated Press reports.

17 companies including Microsoft and Nokia teamed up to file a complaint against Google. They have justified their complaint by saying that the software giant is using deceptive methods to eliminate competition with the intention to use consumer Internet data for online advertising and, thus, make a successful shift to mobile communication.

Thomas Vinje, a lawyer in Brussels, stated in the complaint that Google is using its operating system, android as a “Trojan Horse” to deceive partners, to get full control over the mobile market and get use consumer data for the benefit of advertising companies. The legal representative of the FairSearch group further insisted that the European Union take immediate actions against the software firm; otherwise, Google will continue its desktop abuses helped by consumers who are increasingly more interested in an Android-based mobile platform.

This is not the first complaint that is filed against the software giant. A similar investigation is currently undergoing for Google’s search engine, whereas the California-based rival, Mountain View, asked the European Union to take actions against Google’s policy.

Google, on the other hand, doesn’t seem intimidated by the recent complaints they received. The company’s spokesperson, Al Verney, told the press that the Android maker is willing to cooperate with the European Commission to help them get to the bottom of the investigation. “We continue to work cooperatively with the European Commission,” the Brussels-based spokesman declared.

FairSearch claims there are too many handsets using Google’s Android system. According to them, more than 70 percent units featuring Google’s OS were sold last year. Moreover, the software company dominates the mobile search advertising having a market share of 96 percent. Microsoft accuses Google of promoting its own specialist search services, of copying rivals’ reviews and of discriminating opponents.

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