Microsoft Launches Website To Compare Surface RT to iPad 4

Microsoft has created a new campaign which tries to denigrate the products of its rivaling company, iPad 4. The software company has opened a new web page to make a comparison between Surface RT and Apple’s tablet, a measure that was criticized by analysts because iPad proves to be better than RT in many aspects, CNET News reports.

Microsoft’s decision to pinpoint its rivals’ drawbacks in order to favor its own products has been labeled as a lame campaign by most analysts. Yet, the company proves to have enough courage to subject its tablet Surface RT to comparison, even though there are many aspects that need to be improved. The recent page that the Windows maker has published on the Internet is, in my opinion, a proof of fair play and courage, given that RT failed to level iPad’s performance.

In the following period, Microsoft will compare tablets running on Windows with some of the most popular devices created by Apple. The IT giant has moved on to compare iPad 4 to Surface RT by publishing the technical specs of the two devices on a recently launched website. The problem is, however, the page appears to be a negative commercial because Surface RT is much weaker than its rivaling product. Apple’s iPad has obtained a better score in point of thinness, battery life and weight than the Windows 8-based tablet.

Surface RT features some advantages, too; the Windows tablet has been provided with many more USB slots and it seems to be much better at multitasking than the Apple device. The price practiced by Microsoft is also smaller than the amount of money that Apple requests customers in exchange of its iPad. Buyers, who will purchase the RT model will save approximately $100.

Analysts believe the web page will further deepen the difference between iPads and Surface RT tablets. There are many other advantages on iPad’s side, such as, the unlimited number of apps and the high quality screen, but Microsoft hasn’t mentioned them on the website.


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