Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2012 For Wanna Be Rock Stars

Technology has made everything easier, including becoming a rock star developer and Microsoft promises to have just the right tool. Microsoft is launching Visual Studio 2012, said to be for all of you wanna be rock stars developers.

If making music isn’t the greatest thing nowadays, creating the best app surely is. That’s what developers from Microsoft thought when they launched Visual Studio 2012 in Australia at TechEd 2012 in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

“We have all these different developers, they’ve all decided they are the new rock stars” says Microsoft technical evangelist Rocky Heckman. “Everybody used to want to join a rock band, now they want to create an app” Heckman explains.

Visual Studio 2012 is able to run on different devices, making the life of the wanna be rock stars developers easier. It has a multiple language choice, the opportunity to run in HTML 5 codes and who knows, maybe now more and more app creating geniuses will rise. And if the newcomers want to take the path of successful developers such as the ones who created Angry Birds or Instagram, hopefully Microsoft Visual Studio is going to be the answer.

What’s better than an accessible platform in order to create your own app? A platform that can also run on a cloud service! Yes, Visual Studio 2012 can work on top of Microsoft’s cloud-hosting service Windows Azure. So it is making things more accessible for small developers and creators.

“Cloud allows smaller developers to have access to the same kind of infrastructure Fortune 500 companies have,” Heckman said. “Not only can they host things on the Windows Azure cloud platform, Visual Studio makes it really easy to develop [in the cloud]”.

“Previously, you would have to have a large development team or a large company to have the manpower to do something like that,” he said. “But with Visual Studio running cloud-based services and these cross-platform devices, developers can create awesome apps than can reach millions of people,” said Heckman encouraging the most curious among us to start creating.

And the good news continues! In the new Visual Studio 2012 launched by Microsoft you can log in with your Facebook or Gmail account in order to use the cloud service. “This is going to help the app explosion we are on the verge of” said Heckman.

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