Microsoft Hits the Smartwatch Market

On Thursday Microsoft revealed the launch of a much expected device. Many rumors have been linked to this new device and now, the giant company has announced that “Microsoft Band” is available for order for 199 dollars. This device will allow users to monitor their exercise regime and fitness. With this new device, Microsoft is marking its debut into the wearable technology market.

With an interesting design, Microsoft Band features a rectangular display at 320 x 106 TFT that hovers over your wrist, GPS, a continuous optical heart monitor, UV sensor, options to track your activity while on the move and to send the data to Intelligence Engine, also known as Cortana’s little brother. This intelligence band works with third-party app developers, such as RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal and Starbucks (which has developed a “payment” app of sorts).

Microsoft Band is a little different compared to some limited-function sport bands. This device allows users to view previews of e-mails and upcoming calendar appointments, check stock quotes and access text messages, Facebook and Twitter. The Microsoft Band will have a battery life that last two days, compared to other smartwatches that need to be recharged nightly. 

Another interesting feature is HealthVault. With this app you can store the data that Band collets and share it with your medical provider. The giant company sees the Health and Band as a new way to collect data about you, which can be used to improve your day. This way, the Intelligence Engine helps you and gives you suggestions on how long it takes to recover from a workout. The Engine will be able to comment on whether eating breakfast or lunch will make you run faster. Users can even ask Microsoft’s digital assistance to write a text or add calendar entries. The Band will notify you about upcoming appointments, at the same time.

Mostly of fitness bands already track your fitness and activity, even when you sleep. Also, few of them have calendar entries and deliver messages. Only Google, Big Three from Apple and Microsoft Band provide an intelligence way to plan your day and use helpful features. Microsoft’s Intelligence Engine and Cortana is a new intelligent technology that Microsoft hopes people will buy and enjoy their new devices. 

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