Microsoft Hires Work Force In China

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, Microsoft Corp will hire additional work force in China in order to catch up with its biggest competitors, Apple and Google. The company will also spend more financial resources on research and development in the following months.

Executives at Microsoft have announced a series of changes that will be enacted in the following period as a result of their wish to bring the software company on the same level with Apple and Google competitors. 1,000 workers in China will be hired by the end of the year, whereas the research and development costs will increase by 15 percent.

Microsoft’s main goal for the following period is to intensify the competition in China for wireless Internet. Based on recent reports, China is the country with the largest number of people surfing the Internet through their mobile devices. Apple and Google have already launched new products on the Chinese market; therefore, Microsoft has to make efforts to promote its latest software, Windows 8.

Despite the competition coming from Apple and Google, Microsoft’s CEO for China, Ralph Haupter doesn’t feel threatened the least. He told the press that they respect the two players that have already made their presence felt on the Chinese market. However, Microsoft China is ready to change the game by making great offers.

Microsoft has already created 4,500 work places for people in China, but their number will soon be increased. The 1,000 workers that will be hired by the end of the year will work in some of the most requested fields, namely, research and development, marketing and customer service.

The budget that Microsoft normally assigns to research and development amounts to $500 million a year. This sum of money will increase by 15 percent since there will be many more workers in this area.

Microsoft isn’t the only company interested in spending heavily on technological research. Baidu, a reputed Chinese company, announced on Monday the launching of their new mobile browser set to compete against Apple and Google. 

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