Microsoft Fined $731M For Not Complying With EU Regulations

Software giant, Microsoft, was fined on Tuesday for refusing to comply with EU’s regulations. Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, the company was supposed to display a “browser choice” screen on PCs operating in the region, but the request was not fulfilled.

The European Union Commission takes matters seriously; at least this is the message that the institution wanted to transmit when they decided to fine Microsoft with $731 million for their refusal to observe the regulations imposed in the region. Discussions first started in 2009, when the software company and the Commission signed a settlement, according to which, Microsoft would display a “browser choice” screen on all PCs, both new and old ones that were used in the European states.

The European Union decided to let go of their charges in 2009 because Microsoft agreed to make a series of commitments. The investigation showed that Microsoft was abusing its dominant position because the Internet Explorer was closely linked to Windows. Bill Gates’ company agreed to remedy the situation by introducing a “browser choice” screen on all their machines, so the investigation was concluded.

A new analysis has shown that the new PCs which run on Windows 7 and have been introduced between February 2011 and July 2012, did not feature the necessary “browser choice” screen. Microsoft admitted its mistake and stated that more than 28 million European PCs featuring Windows have not been provided with the choice screen. The European Union Commission corrected Microsoft’s declaration by informing people that only 15 million PCs in the European Union were not provided with the “browser choice” screen.

Microsoft did not argue with the EU authorities, but chose to comply with the commission’s requests, instead. The software giant was convinced that the mistake would cost them a fine and their doubt was confirmed by the representatives of the commission, whom have stated that the sanctions that will be imposed on Microsoft are a “matter of priority”. No legal battle will be initiated on behalf of Microsoft because the American company is willing to pay the $731 million fine that has been imposed to it.

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