Microsoft Discloses Surface Pro’s Launch Date For Switzerland, Italy

Based on a recent report published by CNET News, Microsoft has disclosed Surface Pro’s launching date for Switzerland and Italy. The latter are the two European companies that will receive the tablet after having been available only in America.

Switzerland and Italy have joined the small group of countries that will commercialize Microsoft’s tablet by the end of this month, according to the company’s declaration. UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal have been the first to confirm the release date and the prices that local stores will practice.

The tablet will be launched on the same day in Switzerland and Italy, namely, on May 30th. Euronics, Expert, Media World, Saturn and Unieuro are the retailers that will commercialize the tablet in Italy, but interested buyers will be able to purchase it from the company’s online store, as well. In Switzerland, the local branches of Fust, Interdiscount and Media Markt will be responsible with the commercialization of the tablet, but the device will also be available on the company’s online store.

Prices will differ from one company to another, according to the announcement that the company has made on Monday. While the 64GB Pro will cost €899 and the 128GB version of the tablet will be €999 at retailers in Italy, Swiss buyers will only have to pay CHF 959 (€770) for the 64GB Surface and CHF 1,059 (€850) for the 128GB. The Touch and Type covers will be sold separately at Swiss retailers in exchange of CHF 130 (€104) and CHF 140 (€112), respectively.

Even though Microsoft has disclosed that prices will be slightly different from one country to another, the software company reassured customers that local prices and release dates will remain fairly consistent. Except for UK, where the tablets will be available on May 23rd, the majority of the European countries will launch Surface Pro on 30 or 31 May.

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