Microsoft buys Ray Ozzie’s Talko

Microsoft revealed that they have managed to reach an agreement to buy Talko. This is a mobile messaging startup founded by Ray Ozzie. He was Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect until 2010.

The terms of this acquisition were not disclosed, but it seems that it involves the Talko technology and the team. After the deal will be closed, Talko’s employees will join Skype, while the app will be shut down. As for Ray Ozzie, he will not rejoin Microsoft as a part of the deal.

This mobile messaging app has been launched in September 2014, after years of development. Talko is an app that offers service that aims to place the usual conference line with VoIP, cloud-based calls.

Moreover, the app is recording live conversations, but it also offers other features. For example, this app is able to create bookmarks within conversations, add asynchronously shared voice-based follow ups to the conversation in question and tag users. So, this is a promising app that will definitely be a huge hit on the app messaging market. It is not a surprise after all that Microsoft has decided to buy the company and add Talko’s team to their own app, Skype. 

After this acquisition, Microsoft has declared that Talko’s technology and talent will join Skype and it will be used to “deliver great new features and capabilities” in both Skype for Business and Skype. But, the question is: Why Ozzie decided to sell Talko? So, here is a post from Talko:

“…the reality is that the broad-based success of communications apps tends to be binary: A small number of apps earn and achieve great viral growth, while most fall into some stable niche. For all the value and enjoyment it’s delivered, and for all the team’s listening and perseverance, Talko was largely on the path to filling a (passionate) niche. We’re in this to have great impact, so it’s time for a change.”

To be added that this is not the first time when Ozzie has decided to sell a company to Microsoft. He also sold his startup Groove Networks back in 2005, and then he became Chief Software Architect at Microsoft.  

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