Microsoft, Apple Prepare New Gadgets For Holiday Season

Microsoft and Apple have prepared new gadgets for the upcoming holiday season, according to the Associated Press. Some of the devices they plan to unveil in the following months will be introduced on the market this week, so here is what you should look for in stores.

This week is marked by important technological releases made by Microsoft and Apple. Bill Gates’ company will finally present its latest software program, Windows 8 during a special event that will take place on Thursday.  The program will be commercialized on Friday and analysts expect Microsoft to gradually introduce the smartphones, tablets and devices that have been purposefully created for Windows 8.

Two day earlier, that is, on Tuesday, Apple will unveil the smaller iPad that has been first announced several weeks ago. The event will take place in San Jose, California and it will most likely be covered live by some of the most important online magazines.

Given these circumstances, customers should expect to find a wide range of devices in stores this holiday season. Starting with this week, Apple will compete against tablet manufacturers, such as, Amazon and Google as the iPhone maker will also feature a 7.85-inch screen iPad, in addition to the 10-inch one.

The competition between smartphone makers will get stronger and stronger now that Apple has released the fifth generation of iPhone and Samsung has announced the arrival of a mini Samsung Galaxy SIII. Microsoft, too, has prepared several aces up its sleeve as the software maker tries to lure customers into testing Windows 8 by releasing new devices. Instead of focusing on a new and improved smartphone, Microsoft chose to compete against its partners by producing its first tablet named Surface. The new tablet comes in two versions, but they will both have a 10.6-inch screen.

Those who were hoping to receive a new Blackberry from Research In Motion Ltd. will be disappointed to hear that the company will not launch a new smartphone this holiday season. Although they initially stated that their new device will be ready before Christmas, RIM later on declared that a new version of Blackberry will only be available at the beginning of next year.


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