Microsoft abandons his blog to WordPress

Thunderclap for the millions of users of Windows Live Spaces. They will soon migrate to WordPress, a platform of “blogging” more pro.
End of story for Windows Live Spaces. Last Monday, the conference Disrupt Techcrunch, Microsoft announced a partnership with, famous blogging tool. By its terms, the 30 million users of Windows Live Spaces will within six months have to migrate their blog on WordPress Live.
Microsoft and Automattic (the company that publishes the blogging platform) have to do things easier: a migration procedure is initiated as soon as it connects to its Windows Live blog, it helps to pass the entire his notes on the new blog.
A transition that does not occur easily, as evidenced by its users annoyed by the disappearance of content in the comments of this post to welcome published by WordPress.
Blogs rotten by spam, no customization …
Inevitable problems? It is indeed a space radically different from the universe “Live” Microsoft. To migrate, it must create an account WordPress – Live the login does not work – and host it on servers Automattic.
In other words, in the guise of an update for users – which is indeed the case, WordPress is much more powerful than the simplistic platform from Microsoft – Redmond has simply decided to abandon its blog service.
It may include: inaccessible and little customization, rotted by spam, “Spaces” Microsoft has taken a big hit old … Especially since Microsoft has seriously chilled the essential services of the galaxy Windows Live, such as Hotmail, and even created new ones, such as Office Web Apps.
The influx of new users expected to double the user base of WordPress. A mass of newcomers, who now have a weblog of the most comprehensive but also more complex.

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