Microsoft 8 Computers To Go On Sale In October

The Associated Press reports that Microsoft 8 computers are expected to go on sale in October. Microsoft Corp. made the announcement during a press conference held on Monday, in Toronto, without providing, however, a specific sales date for October.

After months of anticipation, Microsoft Corp has finally announced the date for the release of their Microsoft 8 computers. According to their declaration, the new devices will be available for sale in October. The company will release another statement later this year to communicate the specific dates.

Analysts have made many speculations in relation to the release date of Windows 8. The majority of them were expecting the new devices to be released this fall, so Windows 8 running computers would be available during the holiday shopping season. Nevertheless, customers don’t need to purchase new computers to get Windows 8; they can also buy the software separately and use it to upgrade their PCs.

Analysts were expecting Microsoft to release the new operating system for a long time ago. The description that the company provided made people even more curious as the program appears to be much more modern than the previous ones. Applications will be disposed in a mosaic of tiles on Windows 8. The software is not working only with personal computers, but also with more recent devices, such as, touch-based tablet computers.

The good news doesn’t stop here: Microsoft will also release its own tablet called Surface, which will be endowed with Windows 8. The tablet is meant to compete against the majority of devices that may be found on the market at present. Thus, iPad, Kindle Fire from Amazon and Google’s Nexus 7 will have stronger competition starting this fall.

Microsoft is really determined to develop its touch-based software; as a consequence, the company has purchased Perceptive Pixel Inc. Thanks to this acquisition, Microsoft will have access to one of the best multi-touch technologies that is usually used by TV broadcasters, government, defense, engineering and educational markets. The details of the acquisition haven’t been revealed.

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