Michaele Salahi ran away with rocker Neal Schon

Michaele Salahi, one of the “Real Housewives of D.C.” put an end to the rumors claiming she was kidnapped by stating that she actually ran off with rocker Neal Schon. The reality star and wife of Tareq Salahi did not mention any of her plans because she did not want her husband to know where she was, the Washington Post reports.

Michaele Salahi, 45, is a wild woman. In a glimpse, she left her husband and got onto the white horse of her Prince Charming, guitar player Neal Schon, 57, from the Journey rock band. And she didn’t tell anyone anything about her plan.
It all started when Tareq Salahi alerted the media and the police on Wednesday because his wife was nowhere to be found. He first talked to TMZ and revealed that Michaele, to whom he’s been married for 8 years, was gone missing. He confessed that his thoughts were that she has been abducted.

A few hours later, the police department in Warren County released an official statement in which its representatives said Michaele Salahi was found and she was alright. She let them know that she was not kidnapped, on the contrary. It was her decision to run away from home with her lover. She explained that she did not have a talk with her husband before her leaving, as she did not want him to know where she was.

Despite the Sheriff’s department assurance that Michaele was alright and left willingly, Tareq Salahi insisted that she might have been coerced.  So the police assured him they will contact the FBI in order to find out for sure that his wife is safe and sound.

And she was. Later in the day, TMZ reported that the blonde wild wife of Salahi was indeed in the rocker’s company. More than that, she was at one of the band’s concerts and was having a blast.

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  1. NASTY.

    She and Neal probably deserve each other. ‘ve lost a lot of respect for Neal. And she had the poor husband worried sick, but maybe he should celebrate being rid of the little social climber. Nobody heard of her ass until she crashed the Obama party at the White House.

  2. I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze. Any woman who would leave her spouse at the drop of a hat and worry him like that–then not even say she’s sorry for the inconvenience she caused–isn’t even worth the penicillin shot.

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