Michael Phelps Earns His 19th Olympic Medal

Professional swimmer Michael Phelps lived up to his fans’ expectations when he earned his 19th Olympic medal during the Tuesday night competition. The 27-year-old athlete has set a new record of the biggest number of medals after scoring his 19th Olympic medal and his 15th gold one, says the Associated Press.

Michael Phelps might reconsider his decision to retire given the success he has had at the London Olympics. The professional swimmer has a good performance at the 4×200-meter freestyle relay which took place on Tuesday afternoon. He was thus, able to add another medal to his collection, summing up 19 career Olympic medals and 15 gold ones. His record brought him the description of the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Even though he did a good job, Michael Phelps thinks it is too early to rejoice over his Tuesday accomplishment. He told the press that there are several more races that he has to sustain before he can call himself a winner.

Phelps will take part in four other competitions which will be held at the London Games in the following days. He hopes he will be able to score even better results that the ones he registered on Tuesday. The 200 individual medley, the 100 butterfly and the 4×100 medley relay are the first three competitions he will sustain this week. The big race, however, will take place on the fifth day of the swimming competition, that is, the men’s 100 freestyle. There are great rivals in this competition, so Phelps will have to do his best to win the race.

James “The Missile” Magnussen of Australia is the professional swimmer who owns the best time in the finals. Nathan Adrian of the U.S. and Cuba’s Hanser Garcia are the next two fastest participants in the race.

Although they did not win any medal, the other participants in the race were still honored to have taken part at the same competition with Phelps. His mother, Debbie, and his sister were visibly emotional when Phelps received his 19th Olympic medal.

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