Michael McKean Injured After Being Hit By Car

This week, for the first time in his career, Michael McKean had to miss a performance. It wasn’t a missed plane or too much partying. For the 64-year-old Michael McKean a car accident made him break his record of never missing a performance. At the moment, the actor is injured after being hit by a car in Manhattan.

The lead singer of “This is Spinal Tap”, Michael McKean had quite a bad night. Close to 3 p.m., at West 86th Street and Broadway in Manhattan, the actor was hit by a car. His leg was broken during the accident and he is still in hospital. Two other cars were damaged during the accident, and three passengers in them were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital to have their injuries treated.

A woman who saw the accident told the New York Post: “I heard screeching but it was too late (too help him). I jumped back and it hit him”.  According to the police, there’s no suspicion of criminality behind the multivehicle crash.

Hospital spokesman Jeff Jacomowitz said Michael McKean still needs to receive some test results before he could go home. The actor’s manager, Harriet Sternberg said: “Hopefully, he’ll be fine. He has sustained multiple injuries and we are trying to find out the extent of other injuries”.

Last night, Michael McKean tweeted: “Lucky man: best wife, great kids, awesome docs and nurses, priceless friends; a little overwhelmed by the sweet tweets”.

For the 64-year-old Broadway veteran the car accident means he will be stepping down from the casting of Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man”. Jeffrey Richards, producer, said this is Michael McKean’s first missed performance. “He has never missed a performance, and I understand from his team that he has never missed a performance in his career. This is the kind of first we are reluctant to announce”.

The producer chose James Lecesne to replace Michael McKean, who was set to play in the role of Dick Jensen. Lecesne is at his debut on Broadway and everybody is now wondering when will McKean be back and whether or not Lecesne will be replaced down the line.

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