Michael Jackson’s Legacy Remembered 5 Years Later

Michael Jackson was and remains one of the most famous singers in the world. The star influenced the careers of many singers that are successful today and his influence is still felt in music. Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars are just few of the famous names that can be mentioned in this context. 

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson passed away five years ago. The star died at the age of 50, while his death was surrounded by mystery and controversy. His passing shadowed the music world and his presence is still missed by fans from all over the world. After all, there is no wonder that Michael is still missed, as he was one of the most talented singers of all time. 

However, fans are surely happy to discover that new projects by Michael Jackson are released constantly. A new Michael Jackson album was revealed last month, Xscape being a great success. The success of this album is absolutely amazing, as it features some never released before singles which already had an amazing impact. 

On Xscape fans can discover nine tracks which have never been released before. All these singels have had a great commercial impact so far, so there is no wonder after all that in May the disc opened directly on No. 2 in Billboard Top 200. Just a few thousand copies more would have placed this album on the first place of this top. 

Michael Jackson’s fans have remained very loyal to the famous singer who passed away on June 25, 2009. Tribute was paid by fans to the famous singer at his childhood home, as well as outside his estate and outside the Neverland Ranonch. 

Michael Jackson became widely known in the 1970s, when he actually became the face of Jackson 5. During this period of time, Jackson became a star. In 1982 Michael Jackson debuted with Thriller, which became one of the most famous hits of all time. Over 65 million copies of this album were sold, making this the best-selling album ever. Throughout the years, a series of other successful albums were released by Michael Jackson. His music will never die and his legacy will always remain in the heart of the fans. 

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