Michael Jackson’s former doctor on suicide watch

Pop star Michael Jackson’s former doctor seems to be on suicide watch, although his attorney strongly denies such claims.

According to his lawyer, Nareg Gourjian, Murray is displaying the behavior that can be expected given the circumstances: being incarcerated and having lost a dear friend in Jackson. “Any statement that he’s going to kill himself is categorically false”.

Yet, TMZ sources depict a different state of mind. The doctor seems to have told several people that he had lost the will to live and is even considering suicide. Furthermore, Murray is being held in the medical ward of the Los Angeles County Jail, although officials of the institution haven’t yet commented on whether he is indeed on a suicide watch or even if he had been in fact in the medical ward.

The spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Steve Whitmore, stated that the health status of the inmates held at the LA County Jail is protected by law and therefore cannot be disclosed.

Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for administrating the overdose of the anesthetic propofol which led to Michael Jackson’s death two years ago. The jury decided as such on November 7th.

Murray’s attorneys requested to have the doctor await his sentence which will be made public on November 29 while remaining free. Yet, judge Michael Pastor denied the request considering Murray a threat for the public safety.

Currently, the doctor is held at the LA County jail in seclusion as he awaits to hear his sentence.

Detective Bill McSweeney from the LA County Sheriff’s Department stated for that there are several legal reasons which prevent information concerning the health status of an inmate from being discussed publicly. Yet, an inmate who is being held in seclusion can be kept in the medical ward only to be separated from the rest. As such, the reasons behind Murray being held in the medical area don’t directly indicate the presence of a health issue.

The doctor will find his sentence on November 29th when he could get up to four years in prison.

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  1. Fa nabola! Take it like a man for Chris’s sake! It’s bad enough that he has pleaded not guilty, now he has to whine about his jail stay. This doctor was satisfying all of Michael’s pharmaceutical whims and fancies, and that makes him as guilty as Michael. Michael died for his artificial way of life, and now you gotta do your time, doc. There is no two ways ’bout it! Predictably, Dr. Murray is not the only greedy person in the never-endi­ng MJ saga. Greed… this is the crooked timber of humanity. In the crux of this drama I would like to jump from that into another shameful exploitati­­on of MJ. A line of perfumes dedicated to Michael is about to be launched by Joe Jackson and a profession­­al scam-artis­­t who is much spookier than Dr. Murray, Julian Franck Rouas. This story will make your eyes curl up in the back of your head when you’ll read about the psychologi­­cally malevolent Julian Rouas and the Jackson Tribute Fragrances rogue operation. With no functionin­­g conscience­­, they have even used Michael’s kids to promote the stinking perfumes…

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