Michael Douglas Claims that Social Media is Harmful to Young Actors

Michael Douglas is probably one of the most famous actors in the world. The star is widely known for his many impressive performances and his unique talent. Well, it seems that the famous actor believes that young Hollywood actors can suffer great damage because of social media. Michael Douglas revealed that the reason why British and Australian actors seem to be taking more and more roles, in the detriment of Hollywood stars is because the later are too “asexual and unisex.”

So, what Michael Douglas wanted to share is the fact that many young actors seem to be quite obsessed with sharing everything on social media. Well, the Hollywood star seems to be against this, saying that social media is harmful for their careers. “There’s something going on with young American actors – both men and women – because the Brits and Australians are taking many of the best American roles from them,” the popular actor said. 

“Clearly, it breaks down on two fronts. In Britain they take their training seriously while in the States we’re going through a sort of social media image conscious thing rather than formal training,” Michael Douglas went on to explain. Douglas also said that it is all about the image that these young actors create for themselves. He claimed that commonly with actors coming from Australia it is all about masculinity. “In the US we have this relatively asexual or unisex area with sensitive young men and we don’t have many Channing Tatums or Chris Pratts. The Aussies do,” Douglas claimed. 

Douglas reveled that this trend is not only seen in male actors, but with actresses it happens quite the same. He offered the example of Carey Mulligan, who played the role of a New York school girl. Douglas said that this role should have been given to an American actress, but unfortunately, they are “more image conscious than they are about actually playing the part.” 

Michael Douglas also said that he definitely agrees with Dustin Hoffman, who previously said that the film industry is the worst it has ever been. 

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